The most beautiful sex game in nature with two young people in love

The most beautiful sex game in nature with two young people in love

 I didn’t recognize the number on my caller ID. I debated letting it go to voice-mail, but ultimately ended up answering it. “H-hello?”“Hey, Nadia, what’s up?” a male voice asked.“Who is this?” I responded. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it.“You can’t tell?” The voice laughed.It was the laugh that triggered my memory. “Jace?”“Ding, ding. You guessed it, babe.”“Um… Hi.” I said, feeling a little ridiculous.“Hi. So, what are you doing tonight?” he asked.“Nothing, why? And how did you get my number?”“Great. Some friends and I are getting together. You should totally come over and hang out with us.”“Why?” I asked, again.This was completely out of the blue. Jace and I had broken up over three years ago, and I hadn’t had any contact with him since then. Why was he calling me after all this time? And how HAD he gotten my number?“You already said that you have nothing going on,” he said. “It’s Saturday night, come out and have some fun.”“How did you get my number, Jace?” I asked again.“I’ll tell you when I see you.” I could hear the cocky grin in his voice. I sighed. He was always able to talk me into almost anything, and this time was no different.“Fine,” I sighed. “Where are you, and how do I get there?”“Awesome. Here’s the address.”I put the address into my phone as he rattled off the numbers, and then went to get ready. I pulled up to the curb in front of an older style ranch-house in a well-established sub-division about an hour later. I double checked the house numbers, and nervously approached the door, ringing the doorbell.The door was opened by a fairly attractive guy. He was about five-ten, with dirty blonde hair and average blue eyes. He was wearing a faded black band t-shirt over ripped jeans, and was barefoot. I could see a half-sleeve tattoo peeking out on his right arm. He also gave me a once over. I knew I looked nice, since I had agonized over the outfit for twenty minutes. I was wearing a pink baby-doll tee, with a pair of khaki cargo capris and wedge sandals. My grey eyes were ringed with black eyeliner to make them pop; I'd finished the look off with sheer lip gloss, and my platinum blonde hair was in a fishtail braid over my left shoulder. He looked me over, starting from my head, down to my feet, and then his eyes came back to rest on my face.“Can I help you?” he asked, with a huge smile on his face.“Um… I-is Jace here? He gave me this address and told me to come over…”“Hey Jace, there’s some really hot chick at the door asking for you,” he called back over his shoulder.I heaved a small sigh of relief when I saw Jace come around the corner into the entryway. He looked almost exactly as I remembered. He was perhaps a little taller, and his black hair was in a different style from High School, but his smoky green eyes were the same, although he was missing his glasses. His cocky grin was, as usual, plastered across his face. That hadn’t changed either.“Hey, Nadia. You made it. Come in and let me introduce you to everybody.”He grabbed my hand, and dragged me over the threshold. We walked into a spacious living-room that was dominated by a huge L-shaped sectional, angled to face a large TV in the corner. There were five other people sitting there looking at me as we entered the room, two more guys, and three girls. I could tell that four of the five were paired off into couples.“Everyone, this is Nadia, an old friend.” he said to the room at large, placing his hand on my lower back.He then began to point out the people in the room, naming them as he went.“That’s Tommie and his girlfriend, Sheila.” he said, pointing to the first couple. “That’s Chris and Mindy.” The next couple. “And that’s Lauren. My girlfriend,” he finished.I whipped my head around to look at him. I didn’t realize that he was dating anyone when he called me earlier. I guess a small part of me had secretly hoped that maybe he had called to get back together, but with the introduction of his girlfriend, that hope died a quick death. His girlfriend rose from her place on the couch and came over, grabbing Jace’s other hand and dragged him back to the vacated seat, pushing him down, before sitting on his lap. She gave me a smirk, and draped her arm around his neck.I jumped a little when I felt something tap my arm, and I turned, accepting a cup of some type of mixed drink from the guy at the door. He smiled as he handed it off to me.“Hi, Nadia, I’m Troy.”“Hi,” I mumbled, taking a sip from my cup.A strong mix of rum and Coke danced over my taste buds. It was a bit potent for me, but after the swirling feelings in my head, the biting alcohol was welcomed.I ended up sitting on the floor, facing everyone, a large coffee table between us. Troy sat on the floor, next to me. Troy brought out a deck of cards and Mindy explained a game that they played on occasion. It was like Black Jack where everyone got dealt two cards, but you could exchange one of your cards, similar to Poker. Whomever had the highest points after the hands were added up, got to then ask a question or give a dare to the lowest point holder. It was a very interesting game, but sounded fun.I was having a lot of fun, watching the antics of the dares and listening to the embarrassing confessions of the ones who chose truth. I was laughing along with everyone else, but then when the next hand was dealt, my good luck ran out. So far, my scores had placed me in the middle of the pack, but when I looked down at my hand, I saw I was dealt a pair of threes. I traded one in, but my luck plummeted even farther when I now had a three and the two of clubs. Unless someone else had a pair of twos, I was going to lose this round.No such luck for me. By this time, I was into my third rum and Coke, so I was starting to feel the effects, and decided to throw caution to the wind and chose “dare” when everyone shared their hands.“I dare you,” Sheila began, “to kiss, Troy!”I turned to my left, and placed a quick peck on Troy’s cheek.“Oh, come on, really?” Mindy loudly complained. “What are you? Five? Give him a real kiss. With tongue!”I was just drunk enough to let the tiny, inner voice in the back of my mind be silenced by Mindy’s challenge, as it tried to voice an objection. I grabbed the back of Troy’s head, and smashed our lips together, plundering his mouth with my tongue. The room erupted in hoots and cheers, as I lifted my head from his. Troy sat there slightly dazed, before he ran a hand though his hair, a tilted grin on his face.I took a hefty gulp from my cup, almost draining it, to hide my embarrassment at my bold actions.“Hey Troy, you’re out of booze, man,” Chris called from the kitchen.“Shit. Okay, who’s riding shotgun with me to the store?” Troy asked.“I’ll go,” Jace volunteered, moving Lauren’s legs off his lap, as he rose from the sofa. “I wanna grab some snacks.”I got unsteadily to my own feet, intending to also go with them.“Hey Nadia, why don’t you stay here. Get to know everyone a little better while we’re gone?” Jace asked me.“O-okay.”After the guys had left, I made my way slowly to the kitchen, intending to get a glass of water. The rum had gone to my head, and I knew I was going to have to drive home later, so I needed to start sobering up. As I leaned against the sink, drinking down my second glass of water, Lauren came into the kitchen. She stood in the doorway, effectively blocking my exit, cornering me.“So,” she started, “how do you know Jace?”“Um…. We’re just old friends. Like he said earlier.”“How did you meet?”“In high school.”“Did you ever date?” she continued to interrogate me.I didn’t know where this line of questioning was going, but she was making me nervous. I wasn’t sure how to answer her, and my fuzzy brain wasn’t helping.“Y-yeah.” I said, quietly.“I thought so. Did you think you would get back together with him tonight or something?”“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”“Riiight,” she sneered, dragging the word out, stalking closer to me. “Well listen up, bitch, I’m his girlfriend, so you can stop those little fantasies now. He’s with me, and it’s going to stay that way, got it?”“I don’t know why you’re telling me all this” I said, backing away from her.“I saw how you looked at him. How you’ve been watching him all night. I’m not stupid. Just remember what I said. He’s mine, so keep your hands, and eyes off my man.” she finished her warning, by pushing me hard in the shoulder, before turning away, and leaving the kitchen to rejoin the others in the living-room.Wow. Possessive much? I thought. I stayed in the kitchen for five minutes, trying to calm down from Lauren’s verbal attack. I went back into the living-room, and hung out for about fifteen more minutes, feeling Lauren’s death glare on me the whole time. I was feeling really uncomfortable. I hope they get back soon, I thought. After another five minutes had passed, I decided that I couldn’t stick around anymore, and left to head home. As I was halfway down the driveway, Troy and Jace pulled up and parked.“You’re not leaving now, are you Nadia?” Troy asked, over the top of his car.“Yeah, sorry. I’m getting kind of tired and I really shouldn’t drink anymore if I’m going to drive home.”“That’s too bad,” Troy said, looking a little disappointed, as he came around the car.Jace leaned over and said something to him, before handing his bags off to have Troy to carry into the house.“I’ll walk you to your car,” Jace said, walking over to me.He slung his left arm around my shoulders as we walked to my car.“Before you go, I wanted to talk for a bit.” He said, turning towards me.I leaned against the driver’s door, crossing my ankles, folding my arms under my chest.“What do you want to talk about?” I asked.“You’re not seeing anyone right now are you?”“Why should you care? You have a girlfriend.” I replied. Then added under my breath, “an extremely possessive one.”“Yeah, I know, but I’m not asking for me. Troy told me earlier, when we were out, that he likes you. I told him I would find out if you were seeing anyone.”“No, I’m not dating anyone at the moment.”“Great.” A huge smile stretched across his face.I raised an eyebrow at him.“I mean, I think you two should get together.”“Oh, really? And why do you think that?”“I think you’d be really good for him. He’s been through some rough shit over the last few months, and his last girlfriend really fucked him over. I think you could help him. Especially emotionally.”“Oh, my God, Jace!” I practically yelled. “I’m not some therapeutic whore you can pimp out to your broken friends.” I growled.“That’s not what I mean. I just think that since you’re so sweet and gentle that he could really use someone like you in his life right now,” he argued.“Stupid and gullible is more like it. Plus, Troy’s not my type and we have nothing in common.” I argued back.“Why don’t you get to know him a little better, before you decide. Just go on date with him. If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out. But will you just give him a chance?”I turned my head away from his pleading eyes, looking down at the road. He brought his hand up to cup my cheek, and turned my face back towards his.“Please, Nadia, do it for me?”I jerked my face from his hand, glaring at him.“Please?” he pleaded again.I rolled my eyes, and dropped my arms down from my chest, finally giving in.“Fine. One date.” I grumbled.“That’s my girl.” Jace said, smiling, grabbing my hand.My heart gave a little lurch hearing him call me that again. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath of the early summer night air. Mixed with the scents of freshly mown grass and hot asphalt, I caught the scent of Jaces’ cologne. It was just as I remembered. I had to push down the feelings that came rushing to the surface. He wasn’t mine anymore. We had broken up for a reason, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember why. He was with someone else now, and I wasn’t his girl to have. But all these rational thoughts didn’t stop my heart from giving that little jump.“If Troy likes me so much, why isn’t he out here asking me out himself?” I said, opening my eyes.“I told him I would find out if you had a boyfriend first,” he replied sheepishly.“Do you think if I had a boyfriend, I’d kiss a random, strange guy at a party?”“Hey, I resemble that,” Troy called, walking down the front lawn. “Hey Jace, Lauren’s asking where you are. She seems kind of pissed, just so you know.”“Thanks. I guess I’d better go deal with her, then.” Jace said, letting my hand fall, as he walked around my car, and headed back to the front door, clapping Troy’s shoulder as they passed.“Hi, Nadia. You haven’t left yet?”“Hi, Troy. Not yet.”The conversation stalled there. I stood waiting for him to say something, but the silence stretched out, and started becoming awkward. Since it didn’t look like the conversation was going anywhere, I reached down to get into my car.“Wait,” he said, from the passenger side.“Yes, Troy?”“So, I’m not sure what Jace might have said, but I think you’re really pretty. I don’t know if you’re dating anyone right now, but if you’re not, would you go out with me?”I had to give him credit where credit was due. Without knowing if I had a boyfriend, he'd mustered up the courage to ask me out. Even though he had asked Jace to check the field, he still had the balls to follow through and do the official asking for a date. He earned some brownie points with that.“Okay,” I said, still having some inner reluctance, but not letting it come through in my voice.“Great,” he said, beaming. “Can I get your number, so I can call you later?”We exchanged numbers, and I moved to get into my car.“Why don’t you stay a little longer?” he cajoled.“Sorry, but I need to be getting home. I’m tired, and if I drink anymore I won’t be able to drive. But call me, and we can talk more then.”He looked a little crestfallen, but said good night with a smile on his face. I waved as I pulled away from the curb. I kicked my wedges off at the door, and dragged my feet as I walked into my room. I collapsed fully clothed on the bed on my stomach. I pulled my phone and ID case out of my pockets, tossing them on my night stand. I was almost too tired to strip, but I managed to use the last of my energy to pull my clothing off, dropping them on the floor. As I started drifting off, suddenly a thought popped in my head, and wouldn’t leave. I grabbed my phone, and texted Jace.[You never did tell me how you got my number] – I sent.[From Katy]- he replied.[Since when are you and Katy such good friends?][Technically I got it from Jack, who got it from Katy.]Well that explained things. Why couldn’t he have just told me that earlier? I turned off the screen, laying there thinking about that night. Why had Jace contacted me in the first place, curiously, after all the time that had passed between us? And why did he have to have a girlfriend? Especially a bitch like Lauren? She had really gotten under my skin with her interrogation, the accusations, and the petty warning she'd issued. Well, there was nothing I could do about it. If Jace had chosen to date that controlling harpy, it wasn’t my problem to solve. I rolled to my side and hugged a pillow to my chest, quickly falling asleep. I was awoken to my text chime ringing, repeatedly. I tapped the screen, and winced at the bright light. The time read 8:20 am. Who would be texting me this early on a Sunday morning? I thought. It was Troy.[Good morning.Wasn’t sure if you were up, or had eaten?Want to grab breakfast?]Wow, three texts in a row. He must really want to get in touch with me.[Do you know what time it is?] – I texted back.[Sorry. ;P.I’ve been thinking about you since last night, and I really wanted to see you again.]I had to smile as I read what he had written. It was pretty sweet of him to lay his feelings on the line like that.[Yeah, I’m down for some bfast. Where do you want to go?][I’m thinking of Roxie’s Diner?][Give me 30 min. See you there.]I grabbed a tank top and some yoga pants out of my dresser and headed to the bathroom, to wash my face and restyle my hair.~~~~It was going on about forty-five minutes before I pulled into Roxie’s gravel parking area. It was packed outside and in, and I was worried about the wait time for a table, but Troy must have arrived at the right time, because he had a booth already, and waved to get my attention. I slid in the seat across from him, smiling my greeting.“Is there going to be enough room for everyone else?” I asked.“Well, I hope you don’t mind, but it’s going to be just the two of us. I know Tommie, Chris and the girls aren’t morning people, and I invited Jace and Lauren, but before he could answer, she said they had church to go to.”“Oh,” I said. “Well this is fine too. It will give us a chance to get to know each other, right?”“Yeah,” he said, grinning.We talked over breakfast. While he was a decent conversationalist, I quickly reaffirmed my assessment of last night, that we didn’t have much, if anything, in common. He was attractive enough, but he still wasn’t my type. I liked them tall, dark and handsome. Troy was a little short for me, and he was too “light” to be dark. I also liked my men more on the prettier side, and Troy could be classified as ruggedly handsome.I really didn’t see us going beyond perhaps a friendship. I had promised Jace I would give him a chance, but Troy wasn’t revving my engine. His tattoo was kind of sexy, but that was about it. He was rather sweet, sending me those texts this morning, but still. The heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart didn’t want Troy. He was a nice guy though, and even offered to pick up the check. I declined his offer, and paid my share.“This isn’t a date. It’s just two new friends meeting for breakfast. I’ll pay my half.”“If you insist,” he said.We paid, and as we were walking towards the door, Troy reached over to take my hand to help me navigate through the crowds at the entrance. I was a little surprised when after we made it through the throng of people he continued to hold my hand. I decided to let my hand stay where it was, and we exited to the parking lot holding hands like a couple.“What are you doing today?” Troy asked, turning towards me, as we walked onto the gravel lot.“I don’t have any real plans today. Just cleaning my apartment, doing some laundry and binge watching my DVR. Did you have something in mind?”“Would you mind if we spent the day together?”“Doing what?”“I could come to your place and hang out while you do the chores you were planning on.”“You really want to come over and watch me clean?”“If it’s with you, I will have a good time regardless. I just want to get to know you better.”“Um… Sure. But I can’t guarantee you’ll have any fun.”He pointed to the area where he was parked, and asked if I’d wait until he pulled up behind me so he could follow me back to my place. I backed out of my spot and waited until I saw his black Viper pull up behind me. We turned out of the parking lot, and headed back to my place.Thankfully I lived alone, so my place was actually fairly clean, with the exception of some dishes in the sink and my chaotic bedroom. My room looked like an F4 twister had blown through it, with clothing strewn over every available surface except my bed. I was a bit embarrassed to have unexpected company over, so after Troy came in, I immediately walked over to the pulled the door closed, hiding the evidence of hurricane Nadia.“Feel free to have a seat. I’m going to go and start sorting my laundry for the wash.”“Want any help?” he offered.I bit my lip, debating. It would go faster with two people, but I also didn’t want Troy to get a bad impression and think I was a slob. I had been working for almost the last two weeks straight, getting home late every night, so some things, like the laundry, had fallen to the way-side.“Um… My room is pretty chaotic right now.” I said, blushing, trying to stall his first view of my room.“I have an older sister. I’m sure I’ve seen it all. How bad can it be?” he said, smiling.“Just promise me you won’t think differently of me after you’ve seen it,” I said heading towards my door. “For the record, you’ve been warned.”I opened the door, and he followed me in. My closet door stood open and was practically empty, with naked hangars on the bar, and a few had fallen or been tossed into a small pile on the floor. The two drawers of my dresser that I had pulled today’s clothing from still stood open, with some items
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spilling half out. But my floor was the real war-zone. I had various items strewn as far as the eye could see, carpeting almost the entire area in one solid mass of fabric.“Oh, my God.” he said.I winced, knowing how bad it looked. I opened my mouth to explain my defense, but his next words, forestalled me.“Were you robbed?” he asked, turning to look at me.“No. I don’t think so.”“It looks like a clothing atom bomb went off in here.”“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.” I mumbled.“There’s fashion fall-out everywhere!” he exclaimed, looking over his shoulder at me, a huge grin on his face.I couldn’t help laughing at his exaggerated description of my room.“How much clothing does one person need?”“Hey, you’re the one who offered to help. I never intended for anyone to ever see this mess.” I said, blushing, heading deeper into my room.He side-stepped over various pieces of clothing, following me, and reached over, catching my chin, bring my gaze to his.“Nadia, you know I’m totally teasing you, right? I could really care less what your room looks like.”I gave him a small half-smile, and took a deep breath.“Yeah, thanks.”I dodged clothing and pulled two laundry hampers out of my closet. I grabbed an armful of clothing and started making piles: Lights, darks, linens and delicates. I named each pile as I made them, letting Troy know what each pile was for. I grabbed another armload and started sorting.“If you have any questions about where something goes, either ask me, or read the tag.”“Got it, boss,” he answered, gathering up his own armload, and proceeding to toss items into their respective piles.We had gotten a majority of the room organized and sorted in record time. I decided to also grab the small hamper out of the bathroom to add to the piles. When I came back into the room, Troy was standing there looking between the small mountains, trying to decided where the fabric in his hand went.“Are you stuck?” I asked, smiling.“Not sure where these go,” he answered, holding up what he was debating about.I looked more closely at what he was holding, and gasped. Dangling from his fingers was one of my black, lace thongs.“Give me that,” I said, lunging towards his hand.“No, no,” he said, holding the scrap of fabric over his head, out of my reach. “I’ll never learn if you don’t let me figure it out. Now it’s black, so it could go in the ‘darks’ pile, but then again, it’s lace, so maybe the ‘delicates’. Sadly, there’s no ‘sexy’ pile. So, you see my dilemma.”I tried, once again, to grab the panties out of his hand.“I’ll take care of those,” I insisted, jumping up, trying to reach that little scrap of lace dangling over our heads.“Uh-uh. I found them. I’ll sort them properly,” he said, with a devilish smile on his face.“Troy,” I said, jumping again, “give me those.”As I came back down, I landed unbalanced, and fell forwards onto Troy’s chest. He caught me against him with his free hand, his arm wrapping around my back, pulling me closer.“Tell you what,” he said. “You give me a kiss, and I’ll give these back to you.”“You’re ransoming my panties?” I asked, sort of shocked.“Think of it more like an even exchange. You want your very sexy panties back, and I want another taste of those sexy lips.”I knew I could have walked away, ignoring his antics, but his playful side was beginning to grow on me. Last night’s kiss hadn’t been horrible, so what did I have to lose giving him another one?I stood on tiptoe, and pressed my lips to his. His arm pulled me even closer, drawing me tighter against his body. He dropped my thong from his fingers, as he brought his other hand down to cup the back of my head, deepening the kiss, taking it from chaste to darker, more sensual. His tongue swept into my mouth, the agile muscle gliding over and around my own, coaxing it to come and play. Last night’s kiss had been so brief and clunky, with me trying to get it over with as soon as possible. Troy took control of our kiss this morning, gently and thoroughly exploring my mouth, his tongue dancing against mine. Wow, the man could kiss. I wish I had given him more of a chance to show me this last night.My heartrate began to increase, and I felt the beginning tingles of desire to flow through my veins, all migrating south, toward my pussy. A small moan escaped me as I brought my arms up to circle around his neck. I felt the hard bulge of his erection pressing against me, and the floodgates opened, making me wet and wanting.It had been over six months since my last date. And that had ended in a mediocre one night stand that had left me very unsatisfied. Based on his ability to kiss alone, I knew that Troy would be a much better lover than that guy had been.He stroked his hand down from my back, to grab a handful of my ass, grinding me into his hard erection. I moaned again, and rubbed my hips against him. He brought his other hand down, and grabbed the other cheek, palming my full flesh through my pants. He then slid his hands even lower, to the backs of my thighs and suddenly lifted me up. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his hips, as he took four steps to my bed.He kneeled on the side of the bed, laying me down onto the mound of blankets. He broke the kiss as he ripped his shirt off over his head, and then followed me back down onto the bed. He reclaimed my lips, as his hand went to the zipper of my hoodie, and he drew it down, opening it. I ran my hands through his hair, kissing him deeply.Once my sweater was off, he slipped his hand under my tank to caress his way up my stomach. His way was momentarily blocked when he encountered the built-in bra, but he solved that problem by gathering the shirt over my size C mounds.I made a little mewling whine when I felt his work calloused fingers start a slow inward spiral circling around my breast. He broke our kiss to look at me, when his fingers touched something he was not expecting. He looked down and then back at me in wonder.“Are your nipples pierced?” he asked, incredulously.“Yeah.” I said, meeting his shocked gaze.“That’s so fucking hot.” he smiled. “Are they okay to play with?”“Sure. The piercings are older, so they’re all healed up.”He gave me a quick, hard kiss, before he moved down my neck and licked his way to my jewelry adorned nipple. He ran the tip his tongue over my left nipple making it bead up, before he took it into his mouth, sliding his tongue under the metal horseshoe, flicking it up and down. I hissed in a breath, as his actions caused pleasure to race downwards making things tighten and throb, low in my groin. I began to rub my hips against his stomach, signaling him that there were other parts of my anatomy that also needed attention.He moved to my right breast, and gave it the same excellent tongue lashing that my left had received, as his right hand moved down, over my stomach, to the waistband of my yoga pants. He skimmed his fingers under the band, before he slipped his hand inside, and ran his fingers over the outside of my satin panties, sliding his fingers over the damp material.I moaned low and started moving my hips against his hand, wanting him to touch more of me. He slipped a finger into the edge of my panties, skimming it down, the back barely touching my skin. He made a few teasing passes, before he pulled the crotch to the side, and slid a finger down into my dripping, wet slit. I shuddered as I felt his skin against mine, not having a true orgasm, but still feeling the pleasure radiating out to my limbs.“Uungh,” I moaned, as he began to stroke his middle finger against me. He would slip his finger down into my canal, thrusting it into me, before bringing it back up, to tease around my hard, aching clit.He then pressed his hand against me, sliding that finger deep into my folds, resting the full length along my moist channel. The base of his finger rested against my clit, while the tip teased and dipped into my opening, rubbing around the edge, never going deeper than the first knuckle. He was driving me crazy, and I rocked my hips, trying to help him reach something deeper, needing desperately to be touched.“Nadia, do you have any condoms?” Troy asked, mumbling around the flesh of my breast.“Nightstand…. Top drawer.” I panted.He pulled his hand out of my pants and reached over me, to fish a silver foil packet out of the drawer. I was surprised when he slid it into his back pocket instead of putting it on.“You’re not going to put it on?” I asked, breathily.“Not yet,” he whispered in my ear. “I want to watch you cum first, before I pound my hard cock into your tight little pussy.”I shivered at his lewd words and felt myself get even wetter. He slid his hand back into my pants and his fingers delved back in to explore my dripping folds, stroking me as he had before. He continued to lick and suck my nipples, flicking the half rings back and forth, all the while his fingers stroked me farther and farther towards that elusive peak. He kept me hovering on the precipice, when he suddenly bit down and plunged two fingers deep inside me, pressing up.The orgasm was sudden and hard. I wailed my release, lifting my hips off the bed, trying to get his fingers even deeper inside me. He stroked his fingers quickly, drawing my orgasm out, extending my pleasure. I shuddered and shivered in his arms as the orgasm kept cresting and building upon itself. I could feel another one was building when Troy suddenly removed his hand. He jumped off the bed, yanking off is jeans. He pulled me to the edge of the mattress by the waistband of my pants, before he snatched my own pants off. He ripped open the silver foil packet, rolling the latex sheath down his length. He pulled my panties to the side, before he roughly drove himself inside me. I came again as I felt his hard, hot length filling me. He kept coming in until he bottomed out, holding himself deep within my spasming channel.I cried out, grasping his shoulders, raking my nails down his back in my pleasure. My mind went momentarily blank, as all I could do was ride the currents of ecstasy that I floated upon.Troy began withdrawing slowly before thrusting down, hard into me, slapping his skin against mine. He reached down and brought my legs over his shoulders, holding my ass tightly as he picked up speed, slamming his hips down into mine.“Oh, fuck yes!” I cried. “Fuck me, Troy. Fuuuck meee!”“I’m going to fuck this tight little pussy of yours, Nadia. I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he panted.My eyes were rolling back in my head as I rode his cock from underneath. He suddenly pulled out, flipping me over onto my stomach, grasping my hips, pulling me up to my knees. He plunged deep inside me once again, his hips banging against my ass. I had my head buried in my blankets, muffling my cries as Troy pounded away from behind. My back arched and my head snapped up as I felt a stinging slap across my ass.“Fuck, girl. You really tighten up when I do that. Yeah baby, clamp that cunt down on my hard cock. Oh yeah, just like that.”He rained down two more slaps, before he wrapped his fist in my tank and used it to ride me harder, really slamming into me. My breath began to hitch as I felt that familiar heavy tension coiling deep within.“Fuck, Troy. I’m gonna cum again,” I squealed.“Oh yeah, Baby, cum all over my cock.” he growled.He brought me up and pushed me over the edge with this next thrust, and I cried out, clamping my inner muscles down hard on his pounding shaft.“Jesus fucking Christ, you’re so damn tight right now. I’m not going to last long.”With one more hard thrust, Troy buried himself deep within me, shooting his load. I could feel his cock twitch and throb as he spent himself into the condom. My inner muscles helped to draw out both our orgasms as they milked Troy’s cock. I could feel him twitch back against me every time I flexed. We both lay there, panting for breath, the smell of sex lingering in the air.I felt Troy reach down as he withdrew from me, and I watched his naked silhouette walk to the bathroom. He had a nice rear view, with his shoulders tapering down to his hips. He wasn’t especially built, more just naturally fit. He did have a cute ass, though. It had a nice slope and flare to the cheeks, it was on the smaller side, but still firm. I then noticed a smaller tat on his lower back, just as he turned the corner. The tribal design flared across from one hip to the other, with some sort of more intricate design in the center.I smirked at the fact that Troy had a ‘tramp stamp’. I wondered why he would put a tattoo there. I stretched as I heard the toilet flush and the water run in the sink. I rolled over onto my side, and Troy climbed back onto the bed, spooning against my back.My heartrate was still galloping a mile a minute, and I lay there languishing in the full body high that comes from a really good orgasm. I was laying there trying to figure out what to say. I hadn’t gotten off like that, nor that many times, in a very long time. Not since Jace, actually. While Troy and I might not have much in common, in the bedroom seemed to be a different matter. Damn, that man could fuck. Maybe dating him, wouldn’t be that hard. Many relationships started with less, right?“Thank you for that,” I murmured, as I felt him nuzzling the back of my neck.“No, thank you, Nadia,” he said, giving me a little squeeze.I sat up, readjusted my tank back down, and walked into the bathroom to take care of my own business. When I reentered my room, Troy was back in his jeans, and was hunting around the piles for his shirt.“Shit, there’s still too many clothes on the floor. I can’t find my shirt.”I giggled as I watched him crawl around, tossing items of clothing over his shoulders. When he turned, I got a full view of his back in the light, for the first time. He had eight deep, parallel scratches running the length of it. They weren’t quite bloody, but were very close to it. They started at his shoulders and ended at the small of his back.“Oh shit, Troy. I’m so sorry.” I cried, my hands flying up to cover my mouth.“Don’t worry about it, we’ll find my shirt. It’s nothing to get upset about.”“Not that. I mean your back.”He craned his head to look over his shoulder, to see what I was talking about.“It’s not that bad,” he said.I grabbed his forearm and dragged him over to my vanity mirror, turning him around so he could get a full view. He looked over his should again, into the mirror’s reflection, where he had a better view of the damage I had inflicted.“Like I said before, it’s not that bad,” he said with a shrug.“You’re practically bleeding. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I said, my head dropping.“Hell, I’m not,” he said, grinning. “It’s a badge of honor. It means I did something right and you had a good time.”My head snapped up at that declaration. He walked the two steps over to me and folded me in his arms.“These will probably hurt like hell at work,” he said, “but the pain will bring back memories of how they got there, which will remind me of today. And the memory of how you came apart in my arms, screaming my name as you came.”He leaned down to kiss me, and I melted into his kiss, returning it. When we finally parted, we were both starting to breathe hard again, and Troy had a handful of both of my cheeks, pulling me tight against his body.“If we don’t stop this now,” I said, pulling away, “I’ll never get my laundry done.”He dropped his forehead to the top of my head, sighing, before he released my ass, and went back to helping me sort the clothing into their piles.As we finished sorting everything, we were thankfully able to find his shirt, and my discarded pants. Troy was a huge help carrying one of the overly filled hampers down the two flights of stairs to the basement laundry facilities. If I had been by myself, I would have had to make at least two trips to haul everything down. I guess his muscles were for more than just filling out his shirts.I started loading up the washers, and pouring in the soap, when my innate clumsiness made its appearance. I had placed the full bottle of detergent on the edge of the machine, when my elbow caught it, and it tipped over, spilling into Troy’s lap, as he sat watching me.I quickly grabbed the handle, and righted the bottle, but the damage had been done. His pants were drenched in Spring Time Fresh, Tide, from his knees to the top button of his jeans.“Oh, my God. I’m so, so sorry.” I cried.“It’s fine,” he said, laughing. “At least we can wash them here, right?”He stood up, and began to step out of the soggy material.“Aww shit. Went straight through to my boxers too.”I quickly grabbed a towel from the machine, and tossed it to him.“Here, you can wrap this around your waist until we get back to my place. How’s your shirt?”“The hem is a little wet, but it’ll be fine.”“Better give me that too. We’ll just wash everything together,” I said, holding a hand out for his soiled things.I tossed his stuff in with my last load, and started the cycle. We then quickly and stealthily made our way back to my apartment.“You should go take a shower to get that detergent off your skin,” I said, pushing him towards the bathroom.I showed him how to work the shower, and left to grab him a clean towel. After placing it on the sink, I went to go watch some TV while he got cleaned up.I sat there not really watching anything, with my head in my hands, mentally beating myself up. How could I be so clumsy? He must think I’m a total idiot, I thought. I had to make it up to him somehow. What should I do, though? And then a flash of inspiration struck. He was going to be practically naked….I rose from the couch as he exited the bathroom, the clean towel slung low around his hips, while he finger-combed his hair back from his forehead. I walked up to him, and pulled his head down for a deep kiss. He began to reach around to hug me closer to him, when I snapped the towel from around his hips, and dropped to my knees.“Nadia, what are you…. Oh, my God,” he moaned.I had leaned forward and closed my mouth around his barely growing erection. I sucked him deep into my mouth, as the blood rushed to his groin, making him swell against my tongue. I drew him in as far as I could before he got too engorged and triggered my gag reflex. I slowly pulled up, and I wrapped my hand around his shaft, then took him down as deep as I could go again, swirling my tongue over and around his velvety rod. He buried his hands in my hair, using my head to help him keep his balance as his knees slightly buckled.I began working him with my mouth, bobbing back and forth along his seven-inch length. My hand followed my mouth as I pulled all the way off him, before making a slow descent back down. He was a bit too long for me to fully deep-throat him, but I went as low as I could, letting him slide down my tongue, to nudge to back of my throat.I reached my left hand up, and began to stroke and pet his sack, rolling the orbs inside around my fingers. Keeping a firm hold on his cock, I leaned down to lathe his balls with my tongue, drawing the wet muscle up from underneath, and over each teste. I then ran it up his length, before taking him once again into my mouth. I swirled around the head, flicking his glans with the tip of my tongue, before I sucked hard, pulling him down into my mouth.I maintained this rhythm for a few more minutes and was rewarded when I felt his hands start fisting themselves in my hair. I watched as his thighs started to quiver, and I could feel his cock and head start to swell. He began to open his mouth, but his breath hitched, and suddenly he was shooting his load into my mouth. I went as deep as I could on his shaft, and let his hot cream pump itself down my throat.I rolled my eyes and gazed up at him, as he stood there panting, with an incredulous look on his face as he looked down at me. I pulled off his shaft, giving the head a naughty little flick with the tip of my tongue, as I came all the way off. He flinched backwards as the sensation was too much and pleasure became pain. I sat back on my heels, and used his towel to wipe my mouth. Troy still stared at me, with that shocked look on his face.“I just wanted to show you how sorry I was for what happened earlier. I hope that you’ll forgive me?”Troy just nodded, not able to speak. I rose to my feet, and went to the fridge to grab a coke. I grabbed one for Troy too, and walked back into the living room. As I was walking past Troy, he seemed to snap out of his trance and reached out to grab me. He pulled me into his body, and gave me a bruising kiss. When he finally pulled back, he was smiling.“If this is how you apologize, I might need to make you sorry more often,” he said, grinning.I smiled up at him, giving him a slow wink in response.

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