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Trish twirled in the mirror, examining her naked form. She managed a forced smile, then shrugged her shoulders and walked to her dresser. Choosing a red lace push up bra and matching thong panties, she stepped into the scant underwear and pulled them up snugly.The undies formed against her perfectly smooth pussy, and wedged in between her ample buttocks. The bra was next, she reached behind her back to secure it, then tucked her 40 E breasts into the cups. She adjusted the bra and her tits into the best combination of comfort and cleavage, then quickly judged her results.  She pulled on her pale blue scrub top and pants, she hated how they looked like a big bag on her. Trish tucked and pulled at the top to accentuate her cleavage. She then tied the drawstring on the pants, tugging at them to prevent any camel toe.Trish walked down the stairs to the kitchen where she filled her coffee mug for the drive to work. She shuffled over to her husband sitting at the kitchen table. “Bye, hun, see you tonight,“ she said as she leaned down to kiss him goodbye.“Yea... OK,” he replied without looking up from his phone. She kissed the top of his balding head and turned for the garage, shaking her head as she walked.Whatever… She thought to herself as she turned her car onto the street. Trish and her husband had long ago lost the spark. She couldn’t even remember the last time they had sex, let alone when he actually complimented her. He’s not a bad guy… she reasoned. He never hit her, never insulted her, or ever forgot her birthday… he was just… thoughtless.Trish had grown weary of his inattention. She had even recently signed up on an adult “discreet dating” website. Trish described herself as a “BBW”, a big beautiful woman. And she was beautiful, her auburn hair cascading over her shoulders framed her delicate face. Even with her fair complexion, her light eyes shone. Lately though, they didn’t shine quite as brightly.She knew it was cheating, but she needed the attention, probably even more so than the sex. She desperately wanted a man to look in her eyes. She wanted a man to smile as he looked at her, taking in her curves, surveying her up and down. She wanted to feel flirty, sexy and sensual, all those feelings that boiled just below the surface. Feelings that had her wear sexy underwear, even if no one else would ever see them under her baggy office wear.Trish’s job as a nurse at a men’s health clinic wasn’t very exciting, but the money was good and the schedule was easy. She checked the patients in, documented their medical history and any medications they were taking. She checked their blood pressure and heart rate, as well as assisted the doctor with any exams and treatments. The clinic had become well known for their work with erectile dysfunction. Dr. Gibson, the founding partner had perfected a mix of vitamins and herbal components that had a nearly 100% success rate in treating ED. Trish was responsible for dispensing a test dose to the gentlemen and monitoring their progress… and also making sure that their first erection in twenty years didn’t kill them.………………………………………………………Roger Pearson pushed his thick gray hair straight back and buttoned the top button of his shirt before straightening his tie. Roger was handsome and rugged, he looked like he should be on a Harley Davidson, rather than in a suit on his way to the office. His slightly unruly hair was completely silver and rested near his collar.His heavy beard was well-groomed and matched the hair on his head, save for a patch of reddish-brown color just below his lower lip. At sixty, he still ran and lifted weights regularly. His stature was impressive at just over six feet tall and a beefy two-hundred-and-fifteen pounds. He was the picture of virility, there was only one problem. Roger hadn’t been able to get an erection in years.Roger had become depressed and only his work seemed to bring him any satisfaction these days. He and his wife had grown distant because of it, neither one of them knowing how to talk about his issue. He didn’t know what to do and was embarrassed to talk to a stranger about it. Roger didn’t want to seek therapy, and had avoided his annual physicals, not wanting to confront it. Roger had heard commercials for Dr. Gibson’s clinic, and perhaps out of desperation, he made an appointment.…………………………………………………….Trish was hurriedly preparing an exam room for the next gentleman to be seen. I can’t take one more eighty-year-old penis, she said to herself as she finished restocking drawers and cleaning the ultrasound machine. Many clients of the clinic were quite elderly and looking for a “fountain of youth”. Why the hell is an eighty-five-year-old man worried about his erection? She thought to herself. The answer came from her own head… Never mind, a smile formed across her face.Trish shook her head and finished her tasks. She popped out of the room and craned her neck to check on the front desk. Roger Pearson was checking in for his appointment. Oh well, hello. What are you doing here? She wondered. As she was staring at him from the back of the office, a familiar tingle began inside her red thong. Trish dashed down the hall and ducked into the employee break room. She slammed the door of the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Jesus Christ, you couldn’t have come in this morning when I looked good? She realized that she was actually annoyed at Roger. She shook her head, then rummaged through her purse, grabbing whatever makeup was there. She pulled her ponytail holder out and fluffed her hair, fixed her makeup and lastly, adjusted her breasts to form the perfect valley. She also made sure that just a hint of red lace was visible above her scrub top.The Medical Assistant led Roger back to an exam room. He handed him a hospital gown and instructed him to undress completely. Roger undressed, carefully hanging or folding his clothes as he did so. He picked up the gown, trying to figure out how best to cover himself with it. He concluded that it tied in the back, slipping his arms through the openings, he reached back above his head to tie the strings around his neck. When he did, his large, flaccid penis peeked out of the bottom of the gown. I better be careful, he thought. Not much room to maneuver. He smiled and took a seat on the exam table.Trish stood outside of Roger’s exam room trying to compose herself. She could feel her cheeks were flushed and that her tiny panties were becoming moist. She took a deep breath, knocked on the door and entered. Roger glanced up at her, gave a half-hearted smile, then again, dropped his eyes. Trish was disappointed by his response. Why would someone like him be interested in me? She thought as she walked to the computer and logged on. “Good afternoon Mr. Pearson, my name is Trish,” she said, using her most professional tone. “I’m going to go over your medical history and check your blood pressure before the doctor sees you.” “Sure, no problem,” Roger replied sullenly.“Let’s start with the reason for your visit today,” she asked plainly.Roger didn’t lift his head to respond, the silence in the room was becoming uncomfortable for Trish. “Are you having some sort of medical problem?” she carefully probed.“You could say that” he eventually answered.“What’s going on?” She waited for his response.“Nothing… that’s the problem,” he replied quietly.“... so you’re having a problem getting an erection?”“Yea..”“OK, well no worries, Dr. Gibson has had a tremendous success rate treating just that issue.”Roger looked up at Trish with sadness in his eyes, she looked at him from behind her computer screen and sighed heavily. When she did, she caught him glancing at her breasts. She smiled to herself. Trish finished Mr. Pearson’s intake interview and moved to his side to measure his blood pressure. Placing the cuff on his left bicep, Trish was very close to him. He smelled masculine, a warm musk combined with traces of cologne put on this morning. "Blood pressure looks good," she said. "This must be really hard for… " Trish stopped,  realizing the word she used. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.  Roger looked up at her and smiled. Then they both burst out in laughter. Trish covered her face with her hands, as her laughter slowed she moved her hands away from her face, resting her left hand on Roger’s left thigh. “It feels good to laugh again,” he said smiling at Trish. “... and it feels good to be touched by a woman.”Trish jerked her hand away from him as if she had touched the stove. “I’m sorry Mr. Pearson.”“Don’t worry about it, I thought it was very genuine.”A knock on the exam room door, broke the moment. Dr. Gibson entered and introduced himself. He examined Roger briefly and reviewed his medical issues and vital signs. Dr. Gibson then presented the plan to Roger.“Mr. Pearson, so far everything looks good, so we will proceed with the ultrasound of the blood vessels going to and from your penis. If those look good, we can try a test dose of our medication. How does that sound?”Roger replied, “Sounds good,” nodding his head.Roger was laid back on the exam table and his feet were placed in stirrups, exposing the lower part of his body. His penis laid on the table, it was nearly six inches long while flaccid and quite thick. Trish sharply inhaled at
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the sight of it. Oh please God, let this medicine work, she thought.The tingle she felt earlier, came back but much stronger. She felt distracted as she prepared the equipment for his exam, she was unable to tear her eyes away from the hefty organ on the table in front of her. Dr. Gibson rolled a small stool up to the exam table and applied gel to the ultrasound probe. He placed the probe directly onto Roger’s penis causing it to jump slightly. “That’s a good sign, you still have adequate sensation,” the doctor quipped. He then mumbled to himself as he positioned the probe over different areas of Roger’s penis. Trish stood over the doctor’s shoulder, she was acting like she was looking at the images from the ultrasound. In reality, she was staring at the sizable unit being examined.“OK, one last picture, Roger,” the doctor said, scooting his stool away from the table. “I’m going to look at your pudendal and peroneal arteries, they are below and behind your scrotum.” The doctor rolled the small stool and ultrasound machine directly between the patient’s legs. “Trish, will you please position him for me?” Dr. Gibson said matter of factly.Her eyes locked onto the organ, putting on gloves, she moved to the side of the bed. She glanced at Roger, then picked up his penis in her right hand while scooping his egg-sized testicles into her left hand. She lifted them up and toward his belly, she noticed the feel and weight of his organs. She couldn’t help but stare and let her mind drift. As she did, her hands absentmindedly caressed them a bit. Roger sighed, drawing her attention. Without looking at him, she stopped. Her cheeks flushed red again.“Well Mr. Pearson, your exam is fine. I believe we can try out the medicine. Trish, let’s try the 1000 mg strength,” the doctor said as he pulled off his gloves and walked from the room.“1000 mg, got it. Thank you,” Trish replied, all the while holding Roger’s penis and testicles.Roger asked, “Should I get dressed now?”Trish snapped back to reality. She gently let go of Roger, and reached for a washcloth. “Not yet, this is to clean off the ultrasound gel. I’ll be right back.” With that, she quickly moved from the room to gather his test dose of medicine. I don’t know what I’m going to do if this works for him… she mused. He may be worth losing my job over… she smiled to herself. Roger was again sitting on the edge of the exam table when Trish entered the room. She held a small cup of pills and a glass of water. He looked at her as she entered and smiled, not breaking eye contact as she approached. Trish handed him the cup of pills and the water, he gulped them down and handed the glass back to her.“What now?” he asked.Trish replied, “You should notice something in fifteen to thirty minutes.”She reached for a remote control unit and turned on a video monitor hung on the wall. “There is quite an assortment of adult entertainment on here, feel free to flip through the channels until you see something you like. I’ll be back to check on you periodically.”She handed Roger the remote and turned toward the door. “One more thing, please don’t masturbate until we can check you out.” She smiled and their eyes locked again. She left Roger alone in the room, but exited with an extra little bit of wiggle.Roger pointed the remote at the screen and flipped through several channels before settling on a pair of cute teens in a lesbian scene. If anything will get me going it’s this. He watched for a while noticing no changes in his flaccid member. He flipped through more channels landing on an interracial scene with a tiny blonde getting skewered by a gorilla of a man with a ten-inch cock.Suddenly, Roger noticed a stirring in his groin. He began to experience a pleasurable filling sensation in his cock. He pulled up his gown and watched it slowly grow, extending first downward then fully inflating and stretching off the table toward the ceiling. He observed it grow to it’s full, thick nine inches, veins protruding from the shaft and the tightly stretched purple head shining in the office lighting.Trish knocked on the door, and a completely distracted Roger simply replied, “Come in”. Trish entered the room and immediately saw the obscene phallus boldly standing at attention. She drew in a breath and quickly slammed the door. She locked it from the inside, leaning on it attempting to catch her breath while staring at Roger’s erection.Trish gathered herself, and as professionally as she could, she said, “Sure looks like the medicine is working for you.” While she may have appeared professional on the outside, she was anything but professional on the inside. Her body began to betray her exterior demeanor, as her hands shook, her nipples became visible through her scrubs and her pussy began to ooze with lust.She slowly approached Roger, her eyes fixed on his cock. Roger began slowly stroking his erection, his eyes darted between his cock, the porn on the wall and Trish. She stood next to the exam table and reached for the cuff on the wall, without losing sight of Roger's cock. She positioned it on his left bicep and started the machine. "Are you having any discomfort from the medication?" She asked."Absolutely not," he replied. "Good… good. How does it feel? Is it still sensitive to stimulation?"Roger continued to slowly stroke his cock,  the foreskin sliding up and down his shaft. "I guess so… it's been so long." Trish removed the blood pressure cuff and tentatively moved her hands to it. Roger released his organ and leaned back onto the table.  The cock stood on its own, she gently wrapped both of her hands around it. Roger let out a loud sigh and closed his eyes. "How does this feel?" She asked as she took him in her hands. "Good… really good," Roger said without opening his eyes.Trish began to slowly stroke his cock, "... and how does it feel when I do this?""Oh my God, yes…"Trish slid her hand slowly up his shaft to the big head. It was firm and purple in color with a drop of precum forming on the opening. She placed her thumb on his frenulum stroking it lightly, Roger squirmed and thrust his pelvis into her hand. Her tiny panties were now saturated with her juices and her breathing was ragged as she stared at Roger's cock. Any pretense of a medical examination was now completely gone. She continued teasing the delicate head with her fingers and looked up at his face. Roger opened his eyes and silently pleaded with the nurse. Trish locked eyes with him. She slowly opened her mouth and lowered her face to the head of his cock, engulfing it with her lips. Roger drew in a sharp breath as her mouth softly closed around the shaft of his penis. She gently slid her mouth down the shaft then back toward the head, running her tongue over the frenulum and finishing by tickling the opening with the tip of her tongue.  As she began moving her mouth up and down the shaft, Trish frantically untied her scrub pants. She shoved her right hand into her soaked panties and began stroking her clit as she sucked him.Roger squirmed and moaned as she moved her mouth up and down his cock. Trish was completely consumed by her desire to make this beautiful man cum. She stroked his penis, and her mouth followed her hand up and down the large shaft.  At one point, she noticed the platinum wedding band on her left hand. It's shining color in sharp contrast to the darker color of Roger's penis. A momentary twinge of guilt struck her. Fuck it! she thought and continued to work on Roger’s swollen organ. Trish began to feel her own orgasm build as she stroked her clit. She moaned as she sucked his cock. “... Mmmmmmmm… ooooooooh… Yessssssss…” she mouthed around Roger’s prick. The extra stimulation drove him toward his climax, he thrust his hips faster, driving his organ deeper into Trish’s mouth and throat. Trish closed her eyes, focused on her pussy and let Roger fuck her mouth. Without warning, Roger’s cock erupted in her mouth. His body convulsed as his hips continued to thrust into her face. His virile taste triggered her own climax, her mouth falling open, grunts and moans of passion escaped her lips. Streams of semen dripped from her mouth and continued to land on her face as she released him from her lips. She slumped to her knees on the floor of the exam room, directly between his legs. The last spurts from Roger’s dick dripped into her hair as she sat on the floor. Her scrub pants were bunched up around her knees, his cum oozing down her cheek and coating her mouth.The room was quiet except for the sound of two people breathing heavily. Roger broke the silence, “that… was… incredible!” He said emphatically. Trish picked herself up, and made eye contact with Roger, a gentle smile crossed her face as she looked at the man on her table. She reached down and tugged at her pants, realizing they were quite covered with both of their juices. She tied them and turned toward the sink.Looking in the mirror, she began to wipe the cum from her face. She dampened a second cloth and handed it to Roger, who was now standing behind her in his hospital gown. Trish pulled her hair back into a thick, curly ponytail and turned toward the door. "You can pick up your medication at the front desk, Mr. Pearson." She reached for the door and unlocked it, turning again to him, she smiled and said seductively, "Have a great day, Roger." She walked out and closed the door behind her. 

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