Female Orgasm Porn Movies After Putting Her Finger In Her Pussy

Female Orgasm Porn Movies After Putting Her Finger In Her Pussy

Mark and Angela had a pretty good life. Mark worked as a lead driver for a well-known package delivery service, and Angela worked in a real estate office. Married right out of high school, the first few years had been tough - money was tight as it is with all young couples. But they persevered, and now things had a much brighter outlook. Angela was a true homebody and loved nothing more than staying home, cooking and cleaning, and taking care of the house and her man. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible in today's two-income economy. So she settled for baking on the days when she was off work. Angela loved to bake, and she would regularly bake up a batch of brownies of cookies or something and take them down to Mark's office for the guys to enjoy. The guys at Mark's office always looked forward to seeing Angela too. Her baked goods were not the only thing that was hot about her! Angela was quite attractive, and she had a body that wouldn't quit. She loved to come to Mark's office to talk and flirt with the guys; she was always teasing and flirting with all the guys single and married. It was all in innocent fun and her sexy attention made everyone's day. But Angela had been feeling a little down in the dumps lately. Her birthday was coming up, the big Four O, and she was feeling a little like an old toy... still fun once in awhile, but the sparkle had long since worn off. Mark could sense something was wrong and he asked her about it a couple times, but she always would tell him "I'm okay", or "It's all right." Mark had been married long enough to know that when a woman says "It's all right" it's not, but she wouldn't tell him what was actually wrong. However, the closer her birthday got, the more depressed she seemed to get, so he eventually put two and two together and figured out what the problem was. Mark had to come up with a way to lift Angela's spirits. Even though he would tell her all the time that he thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, she would brush it off with a "You have to say that, you're my husband!" answer. He had to find a way to convince her that she wasn't the "old toy" she thought of herself as. Then one day at work, he was talking to one of his buddies. "When is that hot wife of yours gonna bring us some more of her wonderful cookies! I got a sweet tooth today and need something sweet to eat!" he said.That sparked an idea in Mark's head. Angela had told him on a few occasions that she thought gangbangs were hot and sexy, and they had even rented a few porno DVD's with gangbangs as a theme. Watching them together had led to some really wild sex those nights. She even told him a couple times that she would like to try a gangbang someday. After talking with a few of his trusted friends at work, he had a plan to surprise Angela for her birthday. He told her he had invited some of the guys from work over to help her celebrate her birthday, and while she wasn't real thrilled with everyone knowing she was forty now, she did like the guys he told her were coming. They were all good friends and she liked it when they were at work during her visits. The first thing he did was to reserve a room in one of the nicer hotels in town, which Mark thought would be more fun than using their apartment. It added a little more adventure to the whole scenario. The hotel was very accommodating and had no problem reserving Mark a room with a California King bed and a extra large shower. A few days before her special day, Mark told Angela that he had a very special present for her birthday this year. As he fully expected, she hounded him and pestered him to get him to tell her what this present was, but he held firm. She whimpered and she whined and promised him everything including "that thing he liked" to get him to tell, but Mark had planned this surprise and wanted it to go off without a hitch. After what seemed like an eternity to Angela, her big day came. "Okay Mark, it's officially my birthday now, when can I have my present?" she said at breakfast that morning.He looked across the table and his wife of twenty one years had regressed into that little girl waiting eagerly for her birthday party! He couldn't help laughing at the way she looked, nearly reverberating with anticipation and excitement! "You'll get your present later this afternoon! It's only 9:00 in the morning, silly girl!" he said, grinning. Oh, if she only knew what her present was! he thought to himself. About 1:00 that afternoon, poor Angela was beside herself. So he pulled the car from the garage and without telling her what was going on, he got her in the car. She knew this had something to do with her birthday, but she had no idea what. He drove over to the hotel and while she waited as patiently as she possibly could in the car, Mark went in to check if everything was ready. Up in the room, his friends from work had already arrived. Bob, Jimmy, Tony, and Steve had all agreed to join in the party, so with Mark that made five big strapping guys to "entertain" her! Mark checked to make sure everyone knew what to do and he made sure there was plenty of refreshments in the form of beer and Angela's favorite wine coolers, for those times they needed them! When he was certain all was in readiness, he went down to get Angela in the car. "Are you ready, sweetheart?" he asked, when he got down to the car. "Ready?! I damn near came in looking for you! What took so long?" she said, exasperated. "Well, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for my best girl!" he chuckled. He offered his hand to her to help her out of the car and they went inside. He took her to the stairs explaining that the elevator wasn't working, even though it was working fine. "And besides, the view is much better this way" he said, as she started up the stairs first. Angela giggled and intentionally wiggled her ass as she climbed the flight of stairs to the second floor. Halfway up, Mark couldn't help but grab that wriggling little rump and pretend to take a bite of it, to which Angela squealed playfully. Reaching the second floor, he told her that they were looking for room two-twelve and let Angela walk down the hall towards the room. "I found it!" she announced. Unbeknownst to her, Bob was stationed right on the other side of the door listening for them and had everyone line up for when she came in. Mark opened the door for her and she went in first, she had just got inside the darkened room when Mark flipped on the lights and four naked men stood in a row in the middle of the room! "OHMYGOD!!" Angela cried out in surprise. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGELA!!" the five of them said in unison. Angela turned to Mark and he explained. "I know you like gangbangs, and have always wanted to try one. Well, you flirt enough with these guys at work, so now is your chance to back up all that trash talk!" She turned back around to see the four naked men all smiling, cocks in hand and ready for her. Angela licked her lips as she surveyed the buffet in front of her. While Mark hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside door knob and then got undressed himself, Angela stepped over and began getting comfortable with her "presents"... kissing them and running her hands over their chests and the guys feeling her up as well. Mark rejoined the party and then they proceeded to unwrap Angela, each of the men unbuttoning a button, kissing her, and passing her to the next guy. Angela was a great kisser and everyone was enjoying the taste of her sweet lips. Angela was enjoying herself as well, by the time she came back around to her husband, Mark could tell her breath had quickened to a soft pant. A couple rounds had her blouse off and then Mark got the honors of removing her skirt. When the black skirt was removed Angela treated all the guys to the sight of her panties already developing a wet spot on the front! "Damn bro, she's already gettin' wet!" Tony said. Tony wore his familiar stocking cap - he was a biker and many years ago he took a bad spill. Like many bikers he thought helmets were for sissies and nerds and wouldn't wear one. When he crashed, his head hit the pavement as he rolled and it took a couple really good patches of his scalp with it. So he always wore the stocking cap to hide his scars. With only two exceptions, Mark had not established any kind of schedule for who would do what with her or to her, preferring the whole party to be spontaneous. The first exception was that he wanted to eat her pussy before anybody put his cock there or into her ass. She could suck off one or two men while that was going on, and probably would be, but his tongue would be the first thing to touch her pussy. Which, coincidentally, was the way it worked out - all the guys wanted a chance to eat her out before anyone's cock went in (nobody wanted to taste another guys cum!). The other exception would be Steve's involvement. Steve was the new guy at work and while she had met him, he wasn't as comfortable as the others with the way she flirted and teased at work. And Angela would have a surprise too - Steve was built! He was a bodybuilder and had won a few awards for his physique - he was ripped! But more interesting to Angela, he was also hung like a horse! The other guys had already decided before Mark brought Angela up that he would be the last one to fuck her because of his size - no one wanted to follow him after he had stretched her pussy out! Once Angela was naked and had been passed around as the "kissing booth" girl, it was time to play. Angela climbed up into the huge bed and lay back, her legs spread wide and her head on a big fluffy pillow. Mark took another pillow and as she raised her ass up off the bed, he placed it under her. While Mark settled in between her thighs, Bob and Tony stepped to either side of her and Jimmy up near her head. Mark knew just what she liked as far as eating her out and he wasted no time. As soon as his tongue touc
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hed her, Angela began softly mewling her delight. But her sounds were quickly muffled as Jimmy rubbed his cock across her lips. Angela immediately opened her mouth and Jimmy fed his cock to her. Jimmy was pretty well hung himself - in fact all the guys sported a good sized trouser-sausage, although no one could compare to Steve. But being the newest guy as well as the biggest, he hung back at first to see how things went. As attractive as Angela was, her pussy was even more so. Mark had always thought she had the perfect pussy. Tight and neat, her pussy lips were tucked away inside until she got really turned on. Then they would swell and open and she looked like a rose just beginning to bloom. She kept herself smooth because Mark loved looking at her and she had just gotten a wax a couple days prior for her birthday. Her skin was absolutely soft and smooth... ready for a tongue's caress. In addition to its looks, her pussy tasted amazing - at least to Mark. Angela was a very sensual and sexual woman and she got aroused very easily. When she did, her pussy leaked like a broken faucet. Mark loved the fact that she was so easily aroused and gave up her sweet juices so easily. He loved the taste, the smell, and the feel of her pussy. The way she kept her pussy clean of any hair actually enhanced the beauty of her pussy lips, giving them a ripe and juicy appearance. Her pussy was the ripest and juiciest that Mark had ever had the pleasure of licking. By the time she was in the hotel bed, her inner lips were already a dark pink, and so swollen they were protruding through her slit and, at the place where the lips meet, her adorable clit was already visible, resembling a pink pearl. Angela was already highly aroused, from her anticipation of the fucking and sucking she would be doing, and how she would cum repeatedly from her pussy being eaten by whoever of the men there wanted to bury his face in her crotch. Eventually, they all took their turns shoving their faces - and their tongues - into the juicy peach. But as was agreed, Mark was to be the first. Before he started licking anywhere, though, he inhaled the delectable aroma that her pussy was giving off, savoring her womanly scent. He knew the sweet flavor of her juices would be even better, and he eagerly sluiced up all her nectar and swallowed it. Angela was already cooing in pleasure, which was a delightful sound, but the best thing about eating her pussy was the way it felt to his tongue. After devouring all the juices available, Mark began licking one of those outer lips, letting his tongue slowly meander up to her mons. Even though Mark was concentrating on the task in front of him, namely devouring the delicious pussy feast set out for his enjoyment, he did feel the bed shaking, and knew at least two men were joining in. After his tongue finished caressing its way to her mons, and he kissed her there, Mark looked up to see who else had gotten busy. Jimmy was kneeling on the bed beside Angela. She had her face turned toward him, and was moving her head back and forth, sucking his cock in and out between her lips like a lollipop. From Mark's own experience with her mouth, he knew that Angela's tongue was as busy as her lips, stroking the entire length of the shaft that was pleasuring her and that she was pleasuring. He also knew that she was looking at him with her warm, green eyes. She liked to watch the face of a man as she sucked him off because, like most people who really enjoy sex, she liked to know her partner was having fun too. Aside from him at her pussy and Jimmy enjoying her oral skills, Bob and Tony had flanked her, each one taking one of her wonderfully large ripe tits, kneeling on the either side of her, happily and energetically engaged in holding her breasts and licking her big, sensitive nipples. And while they chewed on her sweet pink nubs, she had a cock in each hand, making sure there was always a hard cock ready to play. Mark didn't watch the others for more than a few seconds, having much better things to do than look, before his mouth returned to doing better things. But he did hear the moans and whimpers and other sounds of everyone enjoying themselves. Angela was certainly getting plenty of it from his tongue. By the time Mark finished licking her other outer lip, her body was squirming on the bed under him. She was moaning around the cock in her mouth and having a great time - he was pleased. Of course, Mark knew he was not the only cause of her reaction. He could see how erect her nipples were from the ministrations of Bob and Tony that they were both busy sucking one of her luscious breasts, and Mark knew how much she liked the feel of a nice cock like Jimmy's in her mouth. Even so, he wanted to think that his tongue was doing more to bring about Angela's first orgasm of the afternoon than any body part of any other members of the group. They weren't involved in any kind of competition, of course, but Mark was fully aware of how much she loved having her pussy eaten, by him or other lucky men. Although Mark could tell Angela was getting close to cumming, Jimmy was much closer. His body trembled above her, and Mark could hear his deep, rasping breaths. Angela knew he was ready to cum too, and Mark saw her speed up her sucking pace, moving her face back and forth faster, and not taking his cock into her mouth as deeply. She did this because Angela loves the taste of fresh cum, wanting to savor it on her tongue before swallowing it down. She didn't like the idea of a man squirting directly down her throat and missing out on its flavor and texture. After devouring her fresh juices, Mark began to lick between Angela's inner and outer pussy lips, starting with the extremely soft, smooth area just below the hole that had been the source of that nectar. When he licked up to where her labia are close together, Mark started licking both of them at the same time, tilting his head slightly so he could slide his tongue into the seam between them. Moving along very slowly, but working his tongue rapidly, Mark licked his way to the place where her inner lip ends and forms her clit hood. He paused and moved his head back a bit, smiling at the sight of Angela's adorable love button, already so swollen with lust it had pushed its way out from under its protection. Her movements had become more pronounced, and she was starting to fuck her pussy up into my face, which is something else he enjoyed immensely, as it was a sign she was getting close to her orgasm. Mark glanced up to find out how she and Jimmy were doing, and he could see his buttocks clenching, and he could hear him grunting, just seconds from cumming. Once Jimmy did cum, Mark sucked on Angela's clit until she climaxed, and kept eating her pussy until she reached that delightful goal again. In the past she had asked him specifically to eat her out that way, so it would give her two back-to-back orgasms. Since it was her birthday after all, he was more than happy to give her whatever she wanted. Plus, it would be twice as much fun for him too, because he loved to watch her cum! Jimmy gave a great groan and Mark knew instantly he had just came and shot his load into Angela's mouth. She stopped what her lips were doing, and he knew she was relishing the flavor of the big gob of cum Jimmy had just deposited on her tongue. The pause was brief, before her sucking resumed. She knew he was not through cumming yet, and would give her a birthday gift of more semen where she would enjoy it the most. After a few strokes, Angela stopped again, enjoying more of Jimmy's fresh hot cum in her mouth, before starting to suck his cock some more. The next time her mouth stopped and resumed, it went on for quite a while, before she stopped again, this time for good. Apparently, Jimmy was through cumming, and she wanted to lick all the semen off his cock. After carefully cleaning Jimmy's cock with her tongue, Angela turned her head and looked expectantly at her husband, as if to tell him she was ready for her first orgasm of the day. From that look, and from the strenuous movements of her pussy, Mark knew it was time. Moving his face slightly, he drew Angela's engorged clit into my mouth, and started sucking, while his tongue caressed the sides and top of the lovely pink pearl, flicking occasionally across the top. "Yes! Right there! Oh fuck!" she cried out joyously, and her movements became even more frantic. "Suck my clit! Suck my clit!" she begged. It wasn't really necessary for her to say that, because that was just what Mark wanted to do more than anything right then. Bob and Tony moved out of the way, because they knew Angela was only seconds from cumming, and they didn't want to get in the way of her wild movements. Plus, they wanted to watch their beautiful birthday girl enjoy her first of many orgasms. They didn't go too far, because one of them would be next to get sucked off, and they wanted to stay close. Mark did what she wanted and and sucked her clit, and he heard the results a few seconds later. "OHMYGOD!" Angela cried, as her climax began. Her thighs clamped onto his temples, and her hands went to the back of his head, burying themselves in his hair, and pressing his face against her pussy. She definitely wanted him to continue sucking and licking her there until she was through cumming. Mark wanted the same thing and, as Angela's ass bounced up and down on the bed and her legs swung from side to side, he clung to her thighs and kept his mouth clamped tightly on her clit. Mark's tongue continued its caresses where he knew they were doing her the most good. Mark didn't keep track, but he knew Angela continued cumming for nearly three minutes, before all her muscles clenched, her back arched, and she rammed her pussy into his face for the last time. After her orgasm, all her muscles relaxed and she sagged back onto the bed with a big satisfied smile on her lovely face.

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