Porn with luxury sluts who know how to fuck

Porn with luxury sluts who know how to fuck

As I lay in the back of Brad's Jeep feeling used, I looked back on the events that led up to this moment...*** It really all goes back to when I was a child playing with Barbies. My favorite one was in a prom dress and I remember thinking how I couldn't wait for prom. While most little girls were pretending to be a bride or a princess, all I ever wanted was to be at the prom in a pretty dress with a handsome boy. I was a sophomore, still two years away from prom which at my high school was only for seniors and their dates, and I had just turned sixteen. I was Steve's girlfriend and he was a junior, so I really wasn't expecting to go to prom until next year. But when news broke that the most popular senior, Brad, had dumped his girlfriend Ashley, every girl in the school suddenly became Cinderella's stepsisters trying to get his attention. That's why I was shocked when Brad approached me one day at my locker. "Hey cutie. Do you have a date to prom?" I instantly blushed, looking down as I tucked my long brown hair behind my ear and looked up to lock my brown eyes on his blue ones. "No, I'm a sophomore." "Oh, I see. Well, you wanna go with me?" I couldn't believe it. A voice in my head was saying "Say no, you have a boyfriend." But I nodded my head and Brad's big hands touched mine, grabbing my iPhone as he entered his number and handed it back to me. Text me what color dress you're gonna wear and your address. I'll pick you up Saturday at 5." Oh. My. God! I immediately found my best friend Kelly to tell her the news and she screamed with a mix of excitement and jealousy. We made plans for me to stay at her house on Saturday, my parents would never let me go to prom. Meanwhile Steve and I were having a big fight. He even threatened to break up with me over it, but changed his mind. But on prom night, he told me not to call or text him. He didn't want to speak to me until after prom was over. Brad texted me as Kelly was helping me zip up my sister's old prom dress. I walked out of her house expecting him to be at the door, but he was waiting in his red Jeep. He did get out of the car to open my door, but I was a little upset that this wasn't going the way I had always dreamed. "You like Italian food? We're going to Cugino's for dinner with my friends." I did like Italian food, but dinner was a disaster. Brad and his football friends were joking about South Park and Family Guy while the girls joked about how ugly they hoped some of their classmates would look at prom. None of them talked to me, they're all friends of Ashley and therefore against anybody Brad would take to prom. I was so excited when we got to prom and had our picture taken on the way in. But once we were there, all Brad wanted to do was hang out with his guys and drink the rum they had all snuck in. He offered me some, but I declined. I walked around the dance and found a few of Steve's senior friends, but they all must have known he was pissed at me because they all made excuses to end the conversation and walk away. I resigned myself to just being Brad's arm candy until midnight when prom was over. Brad leaned on my shoulders as we walked into the parking lot with the rest of the seniors. He and his buddies joked around for a while while their girlfriends talked about the after party. As the parking lot emptied out, we were among the last ones there. Finally Bard said "Alright, where's this party? We'll meet you there." One of the drunk girlfriends got in Brad's face. "Oh hell no, you are not invited! This is Ashley's party. You and your skank aren't allowed!" She pointed at me as she called me a skank and Brad got pissed. "Well then fuck that. Fuck all of you! Taking sides and shit, you're all gay! Go fuck yourselves! C'mon, cutie." I followed Brad to his Jeep and got inside. He started the car and I interrupted. "Hey, I'm sorry that happened to you. But you're drunk, you can't drive. I can drive us if you want." "Oh no, fuck that! Nobody drives my Jeep but me." I was stunned, he was still so pissed off. "Alright. Then lets just wait here until you sober up." He turned to look at me. I watched his pissed off face relax a little as his big hand gently ran through my hair. "Well I know what we could do to kill time." "I have a boyfriend," I said as Brad's face turned sour again and his hand made a fist in my hair. "Yeah, but I invited you to prom. You know what happens after prom, everybody does. Don't play dumb." I felt so stupid, Steve was right. Brad would want sex and I was naive enough to think he was this really nice guy. "Sorry, I'm not doing that. I'm still a virgin." His fist of my hair relaxed as his eyebrows raised up high on his forehead. His sexy blue eyes were delighted as he said "Prove it." His hand grabbed my dress and started pulling up the sparkly tulle. I grabbed the fabric to stop him, but he slapped my hand away. "C'mon, if you're not going to put out, then you at least gotta let me see that virgin puss. Here, hold your skirt up." I held it bunched up by my chest, my white panties exposed to him as he pushed them to the side to see. His hands reached down and grabbed my ankles, lifting them up and turning me in the seat to face him. My left leg bent behind his seat and my right over the shift stick into his side of the car. His thumbs touched the edges of my labia as he spread them apart and saw my hymen blocking anything bigger than a finger from entering my vagina. "Oh fuck, that's hot," he said as his thumb pressed against my clit and started rubbing it. I shifted my weight, trying to back up from him. "What's wrong, cutie?" "My boyfriend is the only one who should be doing this." "Well you obviously don't let him if you're still a virgin." "No, I've let him touch it before." Brad licked his thumb and pressed it against my clit again, rubbing it now with lubrication as he asked me a question. "Did it feel this good when he touched you?" In all honesty, no. Steve was a virgin, too, and didn't really know what he was doing when I let him finger me. I bit my bottom lip and meant to say "Yes," but instead I let out an exasperated "No."  "Get in the back," Brad said as he climbed between the seats and began folding down the middle seat. I hesitated, facing forward in my seat and looking into the darkness outside the car. "What's the holdup, cutie?" I opened the door and got out of the car, my heels on the floor in the front seat as I walked barefoot on the concrete and opened the back door to climb in. As I closed the door B
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rad eased me onto my back as he climbed on top of me and kissed me. His lips were much fuller than Steve's, if his breath wasn't nasty from the rum it would have been the best kiss I'd ever had. He kissed down my neck to my collarbone as he pulled the top of my strapless dress down and let out my 34C's. His hands cupped them as he said "Awe yeah, this is why I invited you to prom." I was taken aback. "You invited me for my boobs?" "Yeah. Didn't you know? All the seniors say you got the best tits in school." He started sucking on them and I didn't try to stop him, partially because I didn't think I'd be able to, but also because I was loving this. Steve had played with my breasts numerous times, but never ravaged them the way Brad was and it was turning me on so much. Brad got on his knees between my legs. "Take off your dress," he commanded as he took off his tie and jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a tight wife beater which he peeled off his sweaty, hairy chest. I got to my knees, a little shaky as I unzipped my dress and slid it past my heels, moving it into the front seat. I stayed there on my knees in my panties as he removed his belt and took his pants off, sitting down to get naked. Like Brad's chest, his crotch was very hairy, too. He was so manly compared to Steve's very boyish body. Brad's muscle's were visible even when he wasn't flexing, but his dick was the most impressive muscle on his body. It was big, or at least bigger than Steve's. "Panties down," Steve said. Inside my head, again I was saying "Don't do this, Jackie. It's not too late to back out." But instead, my hands reached down and slid them down to my knees as Brad looked at the few pubic hairs above my pussy. I stared at his hard dick which twitched a little as he crawled towards me and his big strong arms took me and placed me on the floor laying down. His hands gently grabbed my legs as he bent them up and rubbed his beautiful dick's head along my pussy, which was becoming increasingly wetter than ever before. "I'm gonna pop your cherry," Brad said as he leaned over me and pressed his head against my vagina gently. "No, wait!" "What?," he asked annoyed. "Put on a condom." "I don't have one. Look, I'm not a jerk. I've done this before. I'll pull out." He pushed his head in and I felt the tear as he broke my hymen, but it didn't hurt as bad as I thought he would. Then he pushed further and I grabbed his hands, squeezing them as a painful expression hit my face and I let out a solid "Owwww!" He stopped pushing in. "You okay?" "This hurts." "It won't hurt after a little bit." He leaned up, looking down to watch his dick glistening with a mix of my juices and blood as he continued to drive it deeper and deeper with each in-and-out motion. Then he braced his big, sexy arms on either side of my chest as he looked down to watch me writhing below him in pain. "You're so fucking tight and so hot!" He leaned in to suck on my right nipple and my hands grabbed his shoulders, squeezing them and digging my nails into his skin, which seemed to only ignite his fire and make him build up speed. The pain did lessen a little as he continued to fuck me, his body becoming extremely sweaty as he put his weight on me and kissed me as he drove his dick slowly and deeply as far in as he could get it. I started to cry for two reasons. Part of it was the pain, I can't lie. But the main reason was it was at that moment that I realized I love Steve and this should have been something special that the two of us shared. But it was too late to go back now. Brad noticed I was crying and that, also, seemed to turn him on more. He licked my cheek, finding my tears and licking them off. He pushed himself up and grabbed under my knees, pushing my legs together and over my head as he held my ankles with one hand while the other began to rub my clit hard and fast as he slowly humped me. My friends who had already had sex told me that you won't orgasm your first time. In fact, most of them said a guy has never made them orgasm. But here I was, arching my back and losing control as Brad's dick deep inside my pussy and his thumb furiously rubbing my clit made me scream, tears running down my face as my whole body filled with a tingly sensation of joy and ecstasy. Brad was clearly sent over the edge, too, as he quickly pulled out and straddled my face. "Open your mouth!" I did it and Brad shoved his dick in my mouth. I had never let Steve cum in my mouth before, but in the heat of the moment I opened for Brad, just like I had with my pussy. I noticed the taste of blood and the sweetness of my juices first, a weird combination. But then his hot juice blasted deep to the back of my throat, tickling the roof of my mouth as I tasted the bitter saltiness of his cum. I made a sour face and was about to turn my head to swallow when Brad's hands rested on the sides of my face and held it still. "Oh yeah, cutie. Oh fuck yeah, swallow it. Suck it out and swallow." Brad's sweaty body was shaking, his hairy sweaty balls resting on my chin as I fought my disgust to swallow and was surprised that he kept cumming. It felt like it would never stop. In reality, he probably only came for about ten seconds, but it seemed like a solid minute to me and he was very slow to pull out of my mouth. I sat there breathing through my nose, breathing in the manly stench of his sweaty crotch. When he did pull out, his dick grew soft and rested on my left breast as he looked down and admired my cute face. His thumb scooped a little blood that got on my chin up and made me lick it off. He got down on the floor and lay next to me, putting his right arm behind my head and resting that hand on my right tit as his left hand rested over my pussy and he gently pet it. "So, cutie. How was your first time?" "It really hurt," I confessed. "Yeah, but because you did it with an experienced senior like me, you actually got off and got to go to prom." Within a few minutes, Brad's head rested on his big bicep next to my head and he started to snore. The rum smell on his breath filling my air as I lay there, thinking how I wasn't going to make it to Kelly's tonight after all. And so here I lay, feeling used with the smell of Brad's sweaty pits and crotch filling the air, his body hairs scattered across my naked body, clinging to my skin from the sweat he spread all over me while stealing my virginity, a gift that really belonged to Steve. My pussy felt injured and bruised as I lay there with guilt, unable to sleep.

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