Romanian porn films with Andreea Pirui who takes his fuck in Italy

Romanian porn films with Andreea Pirui who takes his fuck in Italy

Ken quietly put his key in the front door and opened it. He had been halfway to his office when he remembered he had left the contract he had been working on the night before on his study desk. He wasn't trying to be sneaky; he just didn't want to wake his wife. He and Cathy had been watching a late show on television and he knew she would probably still be asleep.As he tiptoed down the hall, he hears voices coming from the small room Cathy used as a study. At first, he thought it may be the radio, and then he recognised his wife's voice. The male voice he heard he didn't recognise.“Come on then, let's see you spunk, and shoot that load for me.” Cathy's words froze Ken to the spot. Was his prim and proper wife having an affair? Without making a sound he crept closer to her study. As luck would have it, the door was ajar. She would have had no reason to shut it, knowing he was out of the house. The sight that greeted him, took his breath away.Cathy was naked, sitting in her leather chair, one leg over each arm and driving a large dildo in and out of her cunt with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the other. Her eyes were transfixed on her computer monitor, which showed a close up of a male hand wanking a formidable cock.“Come on, you fucker, spunk for me, let it come, babe.” She gasped as the beads of precum covered the swollen head of the shuddering cock.“You first, slut, rub that whore's clit, show me what a dirty fuck slut you can be, make that cunt cum,” the voice from the speaker shouted.Ken felt his cock harden as he watched his thirty-five-year-old wife shamelessly race towards her orgasm, spurred on by the cock wanking man on her screen.“Fucking cumming, so close. Shoot your spunk, need to see it spurt, cunt dripping, clit throbbing. Oh, fuck! Cumming!!!”As Ken watched jets of spunk flew from the larger than life cock on the screen, and Cathy's body shudder and shake as her climax tore through her gasping body.Realising the session was coming to its end Ken silently made his way back out of the house and quietly drove away. His mind in a whirl, he cruised around for several minutes before heading back to the house and noisily entering.“Hi babe, forgot the bloody contract, you up yet?” Ken called out as he headed for his study.“Hi sweetheart, yes, just jumping in the shower, make some coffee, would you. Only be a few minutes,” Cathy called from the bathroom. “Just need to freshen up.”“Freshen up, clean your pussy batter off more likely,” Ken whispered to himself as he filled the kettle.“You would forget your head if it wasn't screwed on,” Cathy said with a laugh and kissed her husband lightly on the cheek as she finally joined him in the kitchen.“Good job you didn't have a lover here, me coming home unexpectedly would have been embarrassing.”“Only you, babe, you know I only have eyes for you,” she said smiling.Ken thought how innocent she looked, her robe pulled tightly around her body. That same body he had seen a few minutes earlier with legs spread and a plastic dick pounding her cunt as she watched jets of white spunk shoot from a stranger's cock.“Going shopping this afternoon, but will be back by six, I will get a takeaway home for us. Now drink your coffee and get back to work. I have housework to do, and don't want a husband under my feet.”Ken kissed Cathy's forehead, gave her a gentle slap on her well-shaped bottom and headed for his car.As much as he tried Ken couldn't concentrate on his work. As the clock on his office wall reached three o’clock he turned off his laptop, picked up his car keys and headed for the car park. Knowing Cathy would be out he was determined to find out more about her secret life. A life, until this morning he would never have believed existed.Letting himself into the empty house Ken headed for his wife's study and powered up her computer.“Shit! She's using a bloody password!” Ken sat back and looked at the screen while he racked his brain. “I wonder,” he said to himself as he opened the desk drawer and pulled out the slim desk diary. All the usual stuff, notes about hair appointments, coffee dates with girlfriends, etc.“Oh yes! Got you!” Ken grinned as he turned to the notes page and saw what he wanted written in Cathy's neat handwriting.The note said... PW, newgirl1.Ken typed in the eight digit password and was rewarded with the desktop springing to life. There were three folders displayed. Tits, cocks, cunts. He clicked on cocks and the folder opened to show dozens of screenshots of cocks of all shapes, sizes, and colours. The other two folders showed several pairs of tits, and cunts, bald, trimmed, and hairy. It was obvious Cathy was not new to this secret life of hers.Ken's next port of call was the history folder. It was all the usual stuff, shopping websites, and Facebook. Then a whole list of entries called ‘slutchat’.A couple of clicks and he was on the site. In the top corner was a message, ‘welcome Kitty Cathy’.“So madam, that's who are,” murdered Ken as he made a note of the site name. Just to be safe he deleted the entries he had made, shut down the computer, and headed for his own study.“Hi Dave, it's Ken, after a favour, old son. Are you still selling those miniature surveillance cameras? I could do with a couple. I am a bit concerned about making my office more secure. What sort of range do they have?”“They have about fifty feet as stand-alone devices, but on wifi and a password, anywhere in the world,” the voice on the other end of the line answered.“Thanks, I will get back with you in a couple of days.”Cathy was surprised how horny Ken was when they went to bed that night. Not content with a quick missionary fuck, he gave her tits and pussy more oral attention than she could ever remember, and when he finally pumped his spunk inside her she thought he would never stop cumming.Ken had a stop to make on his way to work in the morning at a department store.Half an hour later he locked his office door, and for the first time was glad he worked alone, with only a part-time secretary who happily was not due in today. Ten minutes later the bag from the store was empty and Ken looked at the new him in the mirror. Gone were the smart city suit, collar and tie. In a black tee shirt, jeans, dark glasses and peaked baseball cap he hardly recognises himself. As a final safeguard he took off his watch and wedding ring, Cathy would have recognised them in an instant.A quick check on his webcam showed only his torso, no hint of the ro
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om he was in as he accessed Slutchat and began the hunt for online members. On the second page, he found her, logged as ‘back soon’ under her screen name of Kitty Cathy.Cathy looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. Powder blue push up bra and matching bikini panties. “Time to play the slut, girl,” she said to herself and headed for her study.Ken smiled as he saw the online status change from yellow to green as Cathy logged on. He had already typed his message and hit ‘send’.Hi Kitty, want to play? name's Ben.Hi Ben, why not? chat or cam?Got to be ca,m babe, need to see your body!Okay, you first, bad boy, open a window.Ken turned on his cam and saw his picture appear in a small box at the bottom of the screen.“Okay, baby, that's me, now let's see you.”A few seconds later his wife appeared on the screen. Ken had to do a double take when he saw the woman before him. The bra and panties were ones he has never seen before; her makeup was heavier than he had ever seen. Normally, Cathy wore very little makeup, but today her eyes and lips were darkened.Cathy studied the man on the screen before her, casually dressed, nothing like her husband, who wouldn't be seen dead in jeans and a tee shirt.“Well, Ben, how about I lose my bra and you lose that tee shirt.”Ken knew that taking off his top would mean removing his dark glasses and baseball cap, but he had already planned for that.“Sure babe, no problem, give me a minute.”Cathy watched as he stood up and his top half disappeared from view and she was left looking at the obvious bulge in his tight jeans. As Ken, or Ben as he was to her, sat back down, she got a quick glimpse of his face. Similar bone structure to her husband and she guessed about the same age. It was difficult to tell with the dark glasses and peaked cap.As he watched Cathy slowly slid off her bra and teased each nipple until they stood out harder than he ever remembered seeing them before.“You like those tits worked on babe? Those hard nipples pinched and sucked?”“Fuck yes, I am one dirty bitch, want everything a man can do done to me. Tits, cunt, arsehole, they are there to be used, and I want it all.”Was this really his wife? The innocent library assistant he had married? He had never heard her use words like cunt before. Many were the times he had wanted her to play the slut, and now here she was, doing it with strangers. And it was turning him on like crazy. How many men had watched her cum, and shot their loads as she did?“Lose the panties, slut. Get naked and work that dirty cunt for me. Let's see your legs open,” he growled and unbuckled his belt.Cathy knew the best position for her viewers and having slid off her panties she lay back in her chair with a leg over each arm. She smiled as the man on the screen dropped his jeans and underwear and the familiar sight of a hard cock came into view. She had lost count of how many she had seen as she pressed the screen capture key and another one was added to her collection.“Let’s see you work that cunt, girl. Got a dildo handy?” Ken grinned to himself, he already knew she had after spying on her at home.“Sure, lover, where do you want me to use it? Clit, cunt or arse.”“Up your slutty cunt first, then in that tight arsehole, do you ever take a cock up there for real?” Ken had often wanted to fuck Cathy’s beautiful arsehole but had never had the courage to ask.“No... well not since I've been married, did a few times before that.. loved it, but think hubby would have a fit if I told him, or asked him to do it to me.”Ken could feel his precum building and slowed his wanking hand to a crawl as he fought back his need to cum. This woman on his screen was a stranger to him. The naked body, legs spread, tits bouncing, was the one he saw every day. But this was a side of her he never in a million years thought existed.Cathy was in her element, the more extreme the words and requests of her online fuck buddies the stronger her orgasm. She loved to see the jets of spunk shoot from wanked cocks. Hear the grunts and groans of panting men as they shot their loads.“Tell me what you would do to me. Make me your fuck bitch, want to be your cum dumping whore,” Cathy knew she was close to cumming and wanted to drag words of lust from the watching man.Ken knew he was also close, and that holding back much longer was not going to happen. “Finger your arsehole slut, want both your holes fucked. Let’s see that cunt squirt its juice!”“Oh fuck, I'm cumming, cum with me, shoot that spunk,” Cathy yelled at the screen as her climax tore through her shaking body, she felt her juices pouring over her dildo fucking hand and dripping down to her finger fucked arsehole.The spunk shot from Ken’s cock and splattered the monitor. The sight of his cum running down the image of his wife’s climax racked body only increased his lust. Never in his entire life had he felt so sexually drained. He knew he would want not only more of this new online cybersex, but wanted to see more of his wife’s secret life.Although Cathy had watched many men shoot their spunk watching her, it still gave her a huge thrill every time it happened. She had a few regulars but always wanted fresh cock pictures to add to her collection.“Thanks, lover, we must do that again... and soon,” she said, blowing a kiss at the slowly wilting cock that the man was still gently stroking.“We sure must Kitty Cathy, can't get enough of that body of yours, got all sorts of perversions I want to try with you. Shame it’s not for real unless you fancy a meet, then we could see how dirty you really can be,” Ken was pretty sure of her answer.“Sorry sexy boy, no meeting, I love my husband, he would be so hurt if he knew what a cyber slut his wife is. So if you want more joint cums they will be online only, can you handle that?”“No problem, sexy lady, as long as you cum for me every time.”Cathy laughed at the naked man on her screen. “That I can promise you. All you have to do is keep that spunk shooting, and we will both cum.”Online, Ben signed out of the sex site, dressed in his normal clothes and became Ken again. His next task was to phone his friend.“Hi Dave, can you get six of those cameras to me by tomorrow, I have an urgent need for them... great, mate. thank you. I owe you one.”Turning to his desk diary he looked at the entries for tomorrow and smiled. The only one he took notice of being the one that said, Cathy at her mum's for the day.“Perfect timing,” he chuckled to himself. 

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